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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How to Post to the Blog

There have been some questions about how to post to the blog. Here's a short-and-(I hope) simple answer...

  1. First, log in to your google account (do this at blogger.com. Don't have a google account yet? Contact Elton for an invitation.)
  2. You should then be taken to the Dashboard page. There you can click on 'New Post', and then jump to #4 below.
  3. Or at the Dashboard page, you can click on 'View Blog'. On the blog homepage (http://www.ratcamp.blogspot.com) you should able to see your log-in name on the top right of the page. Next click on the 'New Post' link next to your log-in name at the top right of the Rat Camp homepage.
  4. The next page is for writing a Post, and is pretty much like writing an email (except you also have icons there for attaching pictures and movies). There is also a very useful HELP link if you have any more questions...
  5. Last, click 'PUBLISH POST', and Voila! your post will appear on the blog.

    Hope this helps...
PS. You can also click on the 'about blogging' link in the righthand column to bring to the top all of the posts about.... how to blog.

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