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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Alexander Blog

Hello Rat Camp Bloggers,

Just a quick update on the Alexander Family in Tempe, Arizona.

As I have not met many of you and know of you mostly through my Grandmother Florence Alexander and Auntie Carol. I am Kevin Leon Alexander. My dad is Ralph Leon Alexander. Most of you knew him as Leon. He passed away in 2003. His Father and my Grandfather is Luke Alexander.

My family includes my wife Andra and my 4 year old daughter Kendall Marie Alexander. And God willing we will be blessed with another one this year or I should at least say preparations are underway. We are currently living in Tempe, Arizona where I manage a small office of engineers. And no we do not operate trains J but we can design a mean water reclamation plant….

As for other Family news, my mom, Armi Alexander lives in Eagar, AZ where I grew up in the same house. She works as a Certified Nursing Assistant in the ER there at the hospital.

My younger brother Clyde Jason Alexander joined the Army in 2008 and is stationed in Vicenza, Italy. He is a parachute rigger in the 101 Airborne. His family of 4 kids and his wife Amy are moving over there at the end of the school year.

My older brother Chuck lives in Eagar, Arizona near our Mom.

My older sister Loretta McLaughlin lives in Eagar as well and is a Head Start Teacher and her husband Frank works for the City of Eagar. She has two of her daughters living here near us in Ahwatukee, AZ.

I hope this message finds everyone healthy and happy in the New Year!!

Kevin Alexander

Friday, January 16, 2009

Greetings for the New Year

Well, January is half gone and I'm wondering if any of you ever get on this blog and check it out?
I wanted to let you know that Jack is having a rough time of it because last Friday he slipped on ice and hit a hidden by snow stump and broke 4 ribs on his back. So, he's pretty well "stove" up.

Here in southern NM we are doing ok, John, Punkin and I are keeping up with things, ha.

I wanted to send you all this website to check, maybe some of you already know of it, but I just got it sent to me this morning and thought it was outstanding and wanted to share with you.
I hope some of you check this blog so you will see it. Here is the link.

Bye for now, Love, AC