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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Louis' Rocks for AC!

Back in September we spent a night on the highest point on Mt. Fuji that you can drive to. We were surprised to see many groups of amateur starwatchers there from all over Japan. As a group, I have to say these were probably the friendliest Japanese I've met in my 14 years here. All of the small groups would invite us to view from their very expensive looking telescopes at the nebulae, stars, planets (Jupiter with 3 mooons), etc. that were overhead in the clear night sky.
Louis had put a bag on to collect rocks in to show Auntie Carol the next time we did video chat. We got this shot of him after dark with a headlamp on. When you watch the video, please remember--this bag is his bag of ROCKS, not his bag of MARBLES!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mem. Day 2009 Reunion

Greetings from Madison/Huntsville, Alabama. I treasure family so very much that I just hate to have to post this, but we will be unable to host a family reunion this coming May, 2009. We had previously talked about and offered last July in Roswell, to host another gathering of the clan in Huntsville this next Memorial Day weekend. I don't know about the rest of you'all, but the economy has certainly impacted many of us. I thought I would just let you know as soon as I knew for sure that we wouldn't be able to do this. I hope we are all able to reconnect and gather again soon, but it's not to be this next year for us. This will enable any of you that want to do so, to make other plans for that Memorial Day weekend.

Roger spent this past weekend in California with his daughter Julie. He also got to see several of his model train buddies as well as several people that were his neighbors while he was raising his girls (in Alameda). He had a great time and traveled safely both ways. Julie and her husband Ryan, are looking to buy a house if it works out, since prices are so relatively low right now in California. Some good deals abound. They were married in June 2007, so are still enjoying that phase in married life. Seem to be doing pretty well from what Roger says.

We will be going to Colorado for Christmas this year. Looking forward to a quick visit with Stan and Linda before they leave town and then looking forward to the rest of our time with Kimberly, Eric and Dylan (plus baby-to-be). It will have been 6 months since I saw them, and about 11 months since Roger saw them. Such a long time with Dylan at 4+ years and changing so fast. I just adore talking with him on the phone....such a big boy now!!!

Just got some pictures from Jason and Stephanie...they had taken a trip to Costa Rica a couple of months ago...between Jason's graduation from law school and his starting his job in Manhattan......If/when I can figure out a way to post the pictures, I'll add one here.... They are doing great!!

Roger's other daughter Jennifer and her husband Donnie, live in Flower Mound, Texas. They bought a house there this past year and are settling in. They were married in Sept 2007, so enjoying that phase of married life!! Also seem to be doing well.

That's kind of an update from here. Hope everyone is doing well. Blessings and Love, Ola

PS I'm going to try to add the pictures.....
Wahoo...I added one!!! Yippee!!!!
Love to all....Ola

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


On this day, 90 years ago, we had one family member in the Military Service. My Dad, or Pappo to most of you, was in Germany when the war ended at 11:11 AM. Through the years of my growing up, he always remembered that day and time and said it was a time we shouldn't forget!

Now, today, we have 3 family members in Service - Brad, Patrick, and CJ. Let us all stop a few minutes today to pray for them as well as give thanks for those who have served in other wars between 1918 and the present time. Over the years, I've had a husband, a brother, a brother-in-law, a double cousin, a regular cousin, a son, several nephews and now great nephews all serve our country to protect and preserve our freedoms. Let's not forget them, ever!

Love to all, Auntie Carol

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Good morning again!

Since no one has posted anything since my last "good morning" I'll try again. With this being the day after our election, I can't let it pass by without a comment. However you voted is your business. That is a right and privilege that has been fought for since the beginning of our country. Over those 200 plus years the past occupants have made this into the greatest and most envied country in the world. Therefore, we have many enemies that would like to tear us down. In my day we all studied history and we know what sacrifices have been made to get us where we are today. I'm sorry to say that it seems like many of the younger generations do not even know about World War II and the battles that were fought to keep our freedom. Many think the Holocaust never happened! Well, it did and thousands upon thousands of people were killed because they were of a different religion or upbringing. Hitler was a terrible enemy as was the Emperor of Japan. They both had to be defeated and it was Americans who gave their all to clear the world of such dangers.

Many countries in this world have had leaders who have tried to be the one and only Saviour of the people. None of them have succeeded! Why? Because there is only one true Saviour and that is God! Our country was based on the Christian religion and we succeeded and became the Number One country of the world. Sure, there were mistakes made and errors happened. That is bound to happen because humans aren't perfect and make mistakes.

Now comes change! Just what does this word mean? I've heard no good explanation as to what to expect in the future. Just "change." Some changes, I'm sure, will be good. Most things can always be changed in some way. That, to me, is what we have to watch for and not let changes be made that will affect the true purpose of our country. We are the home of the free, the brave, the independent people who want to make our own way and our own choices. Don't let someone else tell me what I have to do with my money, what doctor I can go to, whether or not I can keep my baby if something is wrong with it, and don't tell me that same sex marriages are ok. God did not make man for man in the Garden of Eden - he made a woman for man!

We have slipped so far from our religious beginnings that it is possible that God can say we are destroying our own lives and our own country. We should not have an Idol
for President. Obama is just another man and not even a true "black." He is more white than black, so to me he is not even true to his own race, white or black. He is not an African American and He is not God! When he cannot even be honest about his true self and has lied to the people, what can we expect from him as President? I just pray to God that He will reach Obama and help him with his decisions.

Right now, I am afraid for the kids of today as to what kind of America they will be living in when they grow up. It will definitely not be the kind where most of you all grew up and enjoyed all the pleasures of life in the United States.

As I've always said, if one doesn't like things here, they are free to go to any other country in the world and live. I'm sure there are many people in other countries who would trade places with you in a second.

Well, I've gone on long enough, but these are my thoughts and I thank God I can express them without fear of someone knocking on my door and telling me I can't do this! This is still a free country, given to us by those who have gone before and many have lost their lives, but freedom is not free! Just remember that in the months and years ahead.

Love to all, Auntie Carol