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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Andrew & Billie having a rough go

I wanted to pass the word about Billie and Andrew. A week ago last Thursday, he went for a walk late in the evening and stumbled and fell and broke his foot in two places. A neighbor saw him and called Billie and of course she called 911 and to the VA Hospital he went. So, he's in a cast and as of this morning hasn't walked at all. They say no weight at all on the foot, so he hasn't walked even with walker. Just in a wheelchair, only he hasn't even been out of bed yet, so Stephen told me this morning. But he was being moved to a Rehab Center today, so we'll see what happens. Another worry tho is that he is all disoriented and they discovered that he hasn't been taking his medicine probably for about a month. So, he's been kind of out of it.
Carolyn and Sally both came last week to be with Billie and help her and things were doing ok, until Sunday aft, when they were leaving the hospital and Billie fell and lo and behold, she broke her hip and is in Presbyterian Hospital and had a ball replacement yesterday. So, she is down now also and will probably go to Rehab in a couple of days, so Sally said this morning. Carolyn has had to go back to work but Sally has this week and most of next that she can stay.
So, just what they are going to do and how they will manage no one knows yet. Some thought is being given to them going into an Assisted Living Place and then their house would just have to be sold, etc. So, only time will tell.
Boy, when it rains it pours.
Bye and love, AC

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