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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mem. Day 2009 Reunion

Greetings from Madison/Huntsville, Alabama. I treasure family so very much that I just hate to have to post this, but we will be unable to host a family reunion this coming May, 2009. We had previously talked about and offered last July in Roswell, to host another gathering of the clan in Huntsville this next Memorial Day weekend. I don't know about the rest of you'all, but the economy has certainly impacted many of us. I thought I would just let you know as soon as I knew for sure that we wouldn't be able to do this. I hope we are all able to reconnect and gather again soon, but it's not to be this next year for us. This will enable any of you that want to do so, to make other plans for that Memorial Day weekend.

Roger spent this past weekend in California with his daughter Julie. He also got to see several of his model train buddies as well as several people that were his neighbors while he was raising his girls (in Alameda). He had a great time and traveled safely both ways. Julie and her husband Ryan, are looking to buy a house if it works out, since prices are so relatively low right now in California. Some good deals abound. They were married in June 2007, so are still enjoying that phase in married life. Seem to be doing pretty well from what Roger says.

We will be going to Colorado for Christmas this year. Looking forward to a quick visit with Stan and Linda before they leave town and then looking forward to the rest of our time with Kimberly, Eric and Dylan (plus baby-to-be). It will have been 6 months since I saw them, and about 11 months since Roger saw them. Such a long time with Dylan at 4+ years and changing so fast. I just adore talking with him on the phone....such a big boy now!!!

Just got some pictures from Jason and Stephanie...they had taken a trip to Costa Rica a couple of months ago...between Jason's graduation from law school and his starting his job in Manhattan......If/when I can figure out a way to post the pictures, I'll add one here.... They are doing great!!

Roger's other daughter Jennifer and her husband Donnie, live in Flower Mound, Texas. They bought a house there this past year and are settling in. They were married in Sept 2007, so enjoying that phase of married life!! Also seem to be doing well.

That's kind of an update from here. Hope everyone is doing well. Blessings and Love, Ola

PS I'm going to try to add the pictures.....
Wahoo...I added one!!! Yippee!!!!
Love to all....Ola

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