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Monday, August 25, 2008

Mom & Andrew update

OK, here I am again. I had to call Jed to find out how to sign in.
Update on Mom & Andrew. First, Andrew. He is still at the VA and is in the SR. ward. He is up walking a bit. He likes the food, and knows me and his daughter Debbie, but still calls Mom his mother. Go figure. He called Mom last night wanting out of the place because the "people" are mean to him. They have him schedule to move into a nursing home after Labor Day. He needs at least 2 full time people to take care of him. Mom cannot do it alone.

Now for Mom. I took her to her surgeon on Friday. He was amazed and said because of her age, 77, he figured she would take at the bare minimum of 3 months to get back on her feet. She is up and walking with a cane and is looking forward to driving again in two weeks. She has a titanium hip and is showing everyone the picture that they give you to pass through the airport. She is quite pleased with that. She still scares me going up the stairs to her closet; but she promised she would not do it unless someone was there... so we will see.

It is still hot in AZ. 108 today. The rainy season has not been much at our place, but overall Phx is up 3.55 inches for this year alone which is good.

Casey is back from Germany and is in Tucson. Jed and Tracey are in Flagstaff and I know you probably already know BUT I am going to be a GRANNY!!! I am so excited!!

That's the news from AZ. Now that I know my password again, I will try to post more often..Auntie Carol :) Love to you all, Carolyn Lee

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