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Friday, August 8, 2008

Photo's of Brad's Homecoming Ceremony

Hi everyone! Well, maybe I have finally figured this out...was simple...don't know why it didn't work (or I couldn't get it to work) before. Now the next step is to figure out how to add a picture or two...so, hopefully I'll be able to do that! I hope to add some photos from Brad's homecoming ceremony from Iraq, on Monday, July 28!

Love to you all!!!! JOYCE aka JOYCE ANN
HA! Well...I did it...I hope anyway! The top two pictures are of Brad holding the company flag...called a "Guide". He was the bearer when they departed as well as on their return...more weight for him to carry all the time! You would not believe how much all of their gear weighs!
The lower photo is, of course, Craig and I with Brad! We brought him some smoked salmon from Oregon and a T-shirt from a favorite place here on the coast...the Beach Dog Cafe!!!! We are all very glad to have him and his company home safely!
Brad has now left on leave...he is in LA to visit Dave and Jeff this weekend. Then he'll fly up to Portland on Monday 8/11 to come home for a while....then it will be back to Ft. Campbell and on with his life!
Take care everyone!!!! Love...JOYCE

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