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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hello from Leesville, South Carolina

Hi family,
Just a quick note before I head off to teach an "extended school year" session with one of my students and then off to Charlotte, NC (we actually have a house in York, SC which is just outside of Charlotte). We (my husband, Randy and I) are going to see Toby Keith tomorrow night. We are fine here. Staying busy - as usual.
Randy is a retired English teacher and is currently working on our houses. We plan to sell the one in Leesville and move to York to be closer to his parents. I am still teaching students with severe autism at Lexington High School and am close to finishing my Ph.D. in special ed administration - and much like Casey - what the heck did I do this for. But hang in there Casey. It is worth it.. I think.
I am going to Albuquerque on June 25 for 2 weeks to visit with mom (Billie) and Stephen (my son). they are fine and I am really looking forward to seeing them. My other two sons: Dustin is in Clarksville, TN working and planning on getting married soon and Patrick with his wife, Mary, and step-son, Zack, live in Washington state. He is in the Army and will be deployed to Iraq on Oct. 26. I will keep you posted about that and I will send this information to all of the boys in hopes they will join in.
Take care and this is so GREAT!!
Love you all, Sally

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Jed said...

Don't know if you knew this, but I taught one-on-one with a profoundly autistic boy named Edwin. He was awesome. He had his own language that I had to learn to communicate with him. An amazing challenge... but I don't think I could do it for as long as you have. You're a hero... I hope you know that