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Saturday, March 22, 2008

A nice visit...

I suppose I'll make a timely addition to the blog...Just a few days ago I traveled from Denver, Colorado to Berkeley, California to visit the University of California, Berkeley campus. I was considering pursuing a Ph.D. at Berkeley, but it turns out I'll end up across the bay at a certain rival school.

Anyway, while I was there, I had a lovely few days with Eron Ersch, his wife Burr Tyler, and their daughter Chloe. Thanks to Eron, Burr, and Chloe for opening their home and sharing their life with me...I hadn't seen them for nine years or so (I think it was approximately at or after Chloe's arrival), so it was particularly nice to catch up. Thanks again!

Another highlight of my stay was talking with Elton, Kumiko, and Louis via webcam. Although I did spend a couple of years in Japan, and I saw Elton and Kumiko several times during that period, this week was the first chance I've had to see Louis...Who is, of course, adorable.

Thanks to all involved for a great time. I figured this might be a decent (and timely) entry to kick off the blog.

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Elton Ersch said...

thanks for the inaugural post, mike! for those of you who have never done video chat over the internet and your computer, welcome to dick tracy's world!
we use a macintosh computer, which comes with ichat software (really good quality video/audio; very easy to use). to do mac/pc chat we use skype (skype.com). it's free, easy to set-up, and easy to use. try it!