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I hope this can be a place for us all to share our ramblings. The curse of 'Giddiyup!' (and the modern lifestyle) has placed us all far from the old ranch house (aka. Rat Camp), but if you're like me your heart still resides there.
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Monday, March 24, 2008

Labeling Posts

Labels are an important part of blogging. It's the way the blog software uses keywords you choose to sort the posts.

When you're posting, please put your first name and family name, separated by commas (for example: elton, ersch), in the label box at the bottom right of the posting page. Your names will appear in the right hand column so others can click on your name and find your posts.

If you're posting advice about how to do something on the blog, please use 'about blogging' for the label. Thanks.

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