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Friday, January 16, 2009

Greetings for the New Year

Well, January is half gone and I'm wondering if any of you ever get on this blog and check it out?
I wanted to let you know that Jack is having a rough time of it because last Friday he slipped on ice and hit a hidden by snow stump and broke 4 ribs on his back. So, he's pretty well "stove" up.

Here in southern NM we are doing ok, John, Punkin and I are keeping up with things, ha.

I wanted to send you all this website to check, maybe some of you already know of it, but I just got it sent to me this morning and thought it was outstanding and wanted to share with you.
I hope some of you check this blog so you will see it. Here is the link.

Bye for now, Love, AC


Elton said...

I tried the link but got a blank page from the boston globe...


Elton said...

thanks for the follow-up AC. the new link should work fine.