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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hello from Germany

Hello Alexander-Jordan Clan. I certainly hope everyone is having a nice spring. In Leipzig the sun is not so sure if she (feminine in German) wants to come out yet. We'll have one nice day of weather and then rain/snow or whatever. Make me wonder if Global Warming really exists (he he). Anyway, I am finishing up my second PhD year here in Leipzig and am probably going to continue back in Tucson in August. I am having one of those Graduate School.."what the hell am I doing all this for" phases. Oh, well...this too shall pass. Along with what I am doing for the Uni, I am working on a side project developing tests for business English. So far I have been developing scripts for listening comprehension tests and writing instructions for the writing portion of the exams. All that along with the occasional translation project. All in all, I have enough to keep me busy.

German Winters are pretty depressing, and this one was particularly hard on me. Being from the desert and seeing the sun almost 300 days a year has that effect on me. Things are turning around, however, and I look forward to rinding my bicycle to the lake and possibly getting some sun....who knows.

I have a blog of my own on Blogger called "Ruminations of a Desert Rat," unfortunately I haven't updated it since October. I have no real excuse for it, I just find it hard to blog. I guess that is why I have never kept a journal.

(By the way the picture is me in Prague...neat town)

Anyway, enjoy the spring and hope to read something from you all soon.

til then



Elton Ersch said...

Thanks for the post, Casey! I've been teaching English for 13 years myself.... if you come up with some challenges, let me know... maybe I can offer some advice.

Auf Wiedersehen,


Elton Ersch said...

and if you send me the address to your blog, casey, i will post it here.


Elton Ersch said...

hey, you're the future Phd-- maybe you could offer me some advice...


Cactushaze said...

Not sure what advice I have to give...I think your experience trumps my focused training in German culture and literature.